Truck Driver® Cheddar
Available only at The Cheese House. Truck Driver® Cheddar is a natural white cheddar aged over 4 years. It is...
$ 21.99
'Ol Rat Trap Cheddar...
A delightfully mellow, medium sharp cheese that is equally good for eating and cooking. This is an excellent selection if...
$ 21.99
Hot Horseradish Cheddar
This cheese is for those who like it hot! Great on a roast beef sandwich or a cracker. A savory...
$ 9.99
Store Cheese
A very fine distinctively flavored aged extra sharp cheese custom cut off a 40 pound wheel. Consistently excellent.
$ 12.99
Sage Flavored Cheddar
A medium aged cheddar with flecks of sage throughout, the blend of the sage and cheddar are very savory.
$ 9.99
Hickory & Maple Smoked...
Our cheese is lightly smoked with hickory and maple wood, enhancing the cheese with a smoky flavor.
$ 11.99
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese...
Our extra sharp cheddar is aged for approximately 30 months. This fine cheese is very flavorful with a pleasant bite....
$ 18.99
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Our sharp cheddar has a rich, mild flavor with a creamy texture.
$ 17.99
Our Flavored Cheeses
Our outstanding cheddar is complimented with a variety of flavors that will delight your palate. 8oz (approx)
$ 11.99


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