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Vermont Cheese

Most of our Vermont cheeses are hand dipped in three coats of cheese coating wax for long keeping.
They ship well and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Vermont Cheese House Famous Cheddar Cheese


Truck Driver Cheddar Cheese Truck Driver® Cheddar
Available only at The Cheese House. Truck Driver® Cheddar is a natural white cheddar aged over 4 years. It is full of flavor and character.
1 lb Block $17.99
2 lb Block $25.99
5 lb Block $41.99

Truck Driver Cheddar Cheese 'Ol Rat Trap Cheddar
A delightfully mellow, medium sharp cheese that is equally good for eating and cooking. This is an excellent selection if you are not sure of your recipient's personal taste in cheese, as it is enjoyed by all who taste it.
1 lb Block $17.99
2 lb Block $25.99
5 lb Block $41.99

Horseradish Cheddar Cheese Horseradish Cheddar
This cheese is for those who like it hot! Great on a roast beef sandwich or a cracker. A savory cheddar with the touch of horseradish.
1/2 lb (approx) Bar $9.99
3 bars for $26.99

Country Store Extra Sharp Cheddar Country Store EXTRA Sharp Cheddar
A very fine distinctively flavored aged extra sharp cheese. Consistently excellent.
2 lb $24.99
3 lb $29.99

Sage Flavored Cheddar Cheese Sage Flavored Cheddar
A medium aged cheddar with flecks of sage throughout, the blend of the sage and cheddar are very savory.
1 lb Bar $14.99

Hickory Maple Cheese Hickory & Maple Smoked Cheese
Our cheese is lightly smoked with hickory and maple wood, enhancing the cheese with a smoky flavor.
9 oz (approx) Bar $11.99
2 lb Bar (slab) $24.99

Country Store Extra Sharp Cheddar Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Our extra sharp cheddar is aged for approximately 30 months. This fine cheese is very flavorful with a pleasant bite.
1 lb Block $16.99
2 lb Block $24.99
2 lb Wheel $24.99

Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Our sharp cheddar has a rich, mild flavor with a creamy texture.
1 lb Block $14.99
2 lb Block $23.99
2 lb Wheel $23.99

Flavored Cheeses from Vermont Our Flavored Cheeses
Our outstanding cheddar is complimented with a variety of flavors that will delight your palate.
8 oz (approx) Bar $11.99

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